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We recognise that every resident is unique.

We recognise that each resident has unique experiences, needs and preferences and have adopted a person-centred approach to ensure our residents can continue a life well lived. Our homes are a vibrant blend of residents, staff, family and community; where everyone is free to be themselves, fun is shared, families are welcomed, and residents feel cared for and connected.

We have a range of services aimed to meet the individual needs of residents. These range from the provision of 24-hour nursing care to regular outings in our luxury van.

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Curtin Heritage Living is a place that our residents can truly call ‘home’. Our residents continue to share everyday experiences with their families and maintain active and rewarding lifestyles, even if they need help to achieve this. That is what wellbeing is all about.

We offer “Ageing in Place” which ensures that residents are provided with the appropriate level of care according to their needs at any point in time. For most residents, this removes the need to relocate to another location as care needs increase. We provide responsive and adaptable care by ensuring our homes always have appropriate numbers of dedicated staff with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to meet the care needs of our residents.


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